I have been assigned to illustrate Oliver the Dreamer - original name "Ruya Goremeyen Burak"- written by Nur Tunay. It is a story for children between the ages of 3 - 7. The brief was to create 11 images including cover and graphic design. The story is about a child who cannot dream no matter how hard he tries. When he finally succeeds, he finds himself in a fun and adventurous dream.
My aim was to enrich the narrative by establishing visual links between child's room, friends and his imagination as well as the places and characters he saw in his dreams. I used Photoshop for the early sketches and the final painting. I chose to create detailed rendering style with warm colors on every spread as such in the compositions so that children tend to look the drawings over and over again.
The final book images are 44 cm x 22 cm for each spreads. 
Meerkat Publishing House, 2018 

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